Since the beginning of the health emergency derived from Covid-19, from the Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights of the University of Barcelona (OSPDH) we began to analyze the implications that the political decisions taken to control the spread of the virus were having on the exercise of the agencies of the penal system. Mainly, we focused our work on two aspects: 1) the implications of the health emergency in prisons and 2) the police performance in the surveillance of the State of Alarm measures.

After the first two months of work we decided to shape a structured research project that we called "Monitoring deprivation of liberty and police activity during the Covid-19 emergency". The main objective of the project is to carry out a constant monitoring of the impact that the pandemic and the measures adopted to combat it are having in prisons and the implications that the police activity has in its task of monitoring compliance with restrictive measures of movement and economic and social activities.

We invite you to browse our website where you can take a look at the statistics regarding the number of people affected by Covid-19 during the development of the project, both in the context of Catalan prisons and those dependent on the General State Administration, as well as all the published reports.