Our work

SIRECOVI is a complex and articulated System whose main objective is to guarantee the respect and protection of the Human Rights of persons deprived of liberty (in a broad sense). SIRECOVI is structured in 3 fundamental areas:

  • Prisons
  • Police
  • Communication

In parallel, SIRECOVI works divided in other cross-related areas:

  • System
  • Projects
  • Training
  • Reports

For the correct development of each of these areas we have to carry out a large number of tasks, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Receive and study possible cases of institutional violence
  • Attend and interview victims of torture and ill-treatment and their relatives
  • Travel to the various prisons in Catalonia to meet with the victims and the professionals deemed pertinent
  • Systematize documentation and information
  • Report cases to request protection investigation and measures to the protection of victims
  • Accompany the victims and their relatives who require it in the complaint process, both social and legal
  • Follow up on the investigations carried out by the institutions and / or the measures taken by the organizations contacted
  • Analyze the registered information and prepare and present reports
  • Disseminate the project and raise awareness about the phenomenon of institutional violence through the management of social networks and other tasks related to communication
  • Participate in strategic meetings, encounters and conferences within our scope of activity
  • develop and implement training courses and workshops

If you want to know a little more about the work we do year after year, here you can download the various infographics. In the Publications section you can find reports, newsletters, press releases and other documents regarding our work.